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About Harris Educational
Thank you for visiting and taking the time to learn more about us!

Harris Educational is all about "Building Better Education."  We do this through our best selling science kits called "Reinventing Science", educational outreach, free resources, professional services, and social media.  We have a passion for Science and Technology and support the DIY/Maker spirit, Citizen Science, and Open Education.  

Our goal is to inspire people of all ages to learn more about STEM (Science, Techology, Engineering, and Mathematics) 

Our Mission: To excite young minds (and older young minds) and inspire them to DO science, math, and technology!

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The Harris Educational Blackboard Logo: Building Better Education
The Harris Educational Blackboard Logo: Building Better Education

Bennett M. Harris giving a lecture about Reinventing Edison to a group of 4th grade students
Bennett Harris delivers a lecture about Reinventing Edison
to a group of eager 4th graders at Eastlawn Elementary.
Our History

Harris Educational was founded by Bennett M. Harris in December 2001.  We provided professional services for companies that manufacture educational products including creating instruction manuals and providing marketing services.  We also served as the US representative for the Center for Microcomputer Applications at the University of Amsterdam.  CMA manufactures innovative educational data-logging software and equipment called Coach and ULAB.  In 2004 we launched our own science kits called Reinventing Science and soon were a best seller with our first kit “Reinventing Edison: Build your own Light Bulb”.  Initially Reinventing Science kits were manufactured by an outside company but in 2007 we expanded again and took over all production of our products in-house.  In 2009 we expanded into social media launching our fan page on Facebook.  In our near future we plan to release new science kits, provide more services relating to education, publish more free resources and educational content, and continue to expand our growing company.
Reinventing Science Kits

Reinventing Science is the name for a series of fun and unique science kits that are designed and manufactured by Harris Educational.  Experimenters of all ages can use the kits to learn about principles of science, math, engineering, and technology by performing experiments just like the great inventors did.  In the process you can also learn about invention and history.  Each kit is hand made in the USA and is designed with sound educational principles, best practices, and safety in mind.  The kits are designed to be used in schools, or in the home by hobbyists and they also make great science fair projects.

Reinventing Science kits are available for purchase through a network of educational, hobby, and science catalogs.  We are proud to be best sellers for many of our catalogs. Our kits are supported with their own page here at Harris Educational as well as through free additional resources in our web of social media.  
The Reinventing Science Logo
The Reinventing Science Logo
Harris Educational uses SWiSH Max and Open Source Software
We Love SWiSHmax for Design and Programming Flash Animation and also support Open Source Tools like The Gimp
About this Website

The layout, coding, and content of this website was designed and implemented by Bennett M. Harris.  The goal for the website is to act as an easy to navigate hub for all of Harris Educational's online activity as well as serving as an example of our creative and technical abilities.  Open Source software was used for all aspects of the construction of this website except for the use of SWiSHmax 3 as the design and authoring tool for all Flash Animations such as the header and footer menus.   

Some of the tools used to build this website:
  • SWiSHmax 3 (from Swishzone) for Flash Animation {the only proprietary software used}
  • The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) for all graphics
  • KompoZer (WYSIWYG HTML Editor) for all page layout
  • FileZilla (FTP program) for uploading and managing the content on our web server
  • Open Office (The Free Office Suite) for all text editing
The Fine Print (terms of use, privacy, and legalese)

Unless otherwise noted all content at this website is the intellectual property of Harris Educational (including but not limited to the Harris Educational Logo, Reinventing Science Logo, and Design, Instructions, Images or Video clips of the Reinventing Science kits). 

It is our goal to preserve the intellectual property of others and we do our best to properly cite ownership or follow terms of use for all external media, content, or declaration of company or trade names. If you find an improper use of your intellectual property or trademark anywhere in our media please contact us (using the contact us link) and we will make corrections in a timely manner. No copyright violations are intended or implied.

Permission is granted for educators, students, and reinventing-science kit owners to use relevant materials published on this site in order to further the purposes of their own studies, education of others, or use of reinventing-science kits.  Documents that are licensed via Creative Commons licensing relating to our kits and our educational outreach are published via our account at ScribD.

All content is provided as-is and carries no guarantees of accuracy or validity.  We make all attempts to provide correct and timely information and will be glad to make corrections should you find any mistakes or inaccuracies in our content.

Harris Educational has no control over the content that might be found at third-party sites such as those found in links or under our Free Resources section. 

We ensure that all links are appropriate and correct at the time of publication but due to the nature of the internet third-party content may change over time.  Please contact us if you find a broken link or any link to external media that is in any way inappropriate and we will make changes as necessary.

Harris Educational maintains media at third-party sites including a Fan Page at Facebook, a blog at Wordpress, an account on Twitter, a set of videos on YouTube, and a set of documents at ScribD.  We abide by the terms of use agreements at each of those sites.  We believe in the power of social media and the importance of being WHERE people are located within the new social web.  No sponsorship or partnership with any of these external social media sites or companies is implied. 

Your privacy is important to us.  Unless indicated in writing by you all communications with Harris Educational will be kept private.  In addition we pledge to never share or sell any usage data, IP addresses, or contact information with any outside party or individual. 

Please do not steal our bandwidth!  If you wish to use an image or other content from one of our pages please contact us, describe your intentions and purpose, and we can supply you with a copy of the image or content and instructions for citing Harris Educational so that you may publish that image or content on your own server/site/or blog.

We encourage you spread the word about Harris Educational and Reinventing Science and share any of our pages via social media sites (share one of our pages on your wall on Facebook, link to our pages on twitter, share our pages via link sharing sites, or just share via word of mouth and e-mail a link to a friend).  Please do indicate that the page is located at Harris Educational.

Education is about sharing!  We encourage you to send us your own images, video clips, stories, and information about Reinventing Science Kits, Harris Educational, and STEM Education in general.  Any and all content given to Harris Educational for this purpose becomes the property of Harris Educational.  If possible we will always allow you to preview content before publication.  We will also always cite you as the contributor of the content in the manor that you indicate.  (contact info and privacy will always be preserved).

Reinventing Science kits are manufactured in the USA by Harris Educational.  We make every attempt to produce kits that are safe and within guidelines and laws relating to educational science kits.  You should always read, understand, and follow ALL safety instructions that can be found in our kit instructions as well as any and all safety regulations in your school or lab.  Kits should always be used under the supervision of a responsible adult. 

At this time we do not sell Reinventing Science kits directly to individuals or schools but instead rely upon a series of Educational, Hobby, and Science catalogs and stores to make our kits available. 

We list resellers of our Reinventing Science kits in alphabetical order on our purchase page (along with their company logo, contact information, and links to their catalogs).  We will promote any resellers news that relates to Reinventing Science kits in the order that it arrives to us. (ex: sales, promotional activities, workshops, trade shows, new dealers, new products, etc.) We do not offer any reseller special consideration, pricing, or promotion above any other reseller.

At Harris Educational we believe in the Right, Ability, and Desire of all people to learn and to better themselves and the world that we all share.  Our diversity is what makes us strong and we believe in the equality of all people irregardless of their nationality, race, color, creed, sexuality, abilities, or beliefs.