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Educational Outreach & Professional Development

Harris Educational provides both free and for-fee educational outreach and training.  We can provide:
We have performed workshops for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, The Technology Students Association,  The FREEDM Systems Center at NCSU & The Science House, The Center for Microcomputer Applications at the University of Amsterdam, and many others. 

Our goal is to inspire people of all ages to learn more about STEM
(Science, Techology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Our Mission: To excite young minds (and older young minds)
and inspire them to DO science, math, and technology!
Harris Educational is Building Better Education

Bennett Harris lecturing to educators at the FREEDM Systems Center in July 2010
Bennett Harris relates Energy to Edison
in a lecture to teachers and students at
the FREEDM Systems Center
Professional Development for Educators

At Harris Educational we understand how important it is for STEM educators to keep their skills up to date and we also recognize the passion and energy that educators have for sharing new ideas and learning new things.  To that end we can provide educational workshops and professional development for educators.

Some of the workshops we have conducted in the past include:
  • Open Source Software for Educators
  • Graphics and Digital Photography for the Classroom
  • Using Active Sensors for Non-Destructive Testing of Structures
  • Using Flex Sensors to build your own Seismograph
  • Using the Reinventing Edison: Build your own Light Bulb science kit in the classroom
  • Using the Reinventing Morse: Build your own Telegraph science kit in the classroom
We can also create custom workshops to meet your own unique educational needs!

As we expand and build more content for this website we will include more resources relating to our Professional Development workshops for educators.  Until then contact us to discuss your professional development needs.

Training for our Reinventing Science Kits

Reinventing Science Kits by Harris Educational integrate History and Invention along with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).  We support our kits through resources posted online as well as through workshops for teachers and demonstrations for students.  

Our workshops help educators understand how to use our kits, how our kits meet educational standards, and how to integrate history into the science lesson.

Also check out this article that we posted on the Teacher Blog at Educational Innovations (one of the resellers for our kits) about using Reinventing Edison in effective classroom demonstrations.

In addition to our own workshops and training for Reinventing Science Kits, many of the educational resellers that make our kits available to schools and teachers also do workshops for the kits.  Please check out our “where to purchase” page for Reinventing Science kits and contact your favorite educational reseller to ask about their workshops and training. 

Lee Walker delivers a workshop to educators on Reinventing Edison
Lee Walker of Partnership for Learning demonstrates
Reinventing Edison as part of a Teacher Training Workshop
Contact Partnership for Learning for great Educational Outreach!

Structures Workshop for the NCDPI and TSA
Middle School Students build and test structures
inthis TSA sponsored student workshop
Lectures and Workshops for Students

In addition to the professional development and workshops Harris Educational provides to educators we also provide workshops and educational experiences for students of all ages.  In the past we have performed lectures, demonstrations, and workshops at schools and at educational conferences.  A few of the topics we've covered are:
Contact us to discuss your own ideas  for educational lectures and workshops for students
Please note: due to travel expenses free workshops are only available within a 60 mile radius of Burlington NC

For non-educators, individuals, and small businesesses located in the Triad/Triangle areas of North Carolina please visit our
Professional Services page for information about our for-pay Computer Training and other Professional Training Opportunities.