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Products by Harris Educational
Reinventing Science Kits
Retrace the steps of the great inventors as you perform experiments and produce results just as they did!  Learn concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) as well as History and Invention through fun and relevant exercises. Our kits are designed for use in schools or in the home by hobbyists and science enthusiasts.  They make great science fair projects, demonstrations, or hands-on inquiry based labs. 

Each kit comes with experimental apparatus that you can assemble, materials to experiment with, and 24+ page full color instruction manuals with multiple experiments with full explanations that include "how" and "why."  Additional materials are available here on our site and through our Social Media such as our Blog and on YouTube.

Harris Educational is the originator and manufacturer of Reinventing Science Kits.  Our kits are best sellers with a growing list of educational, hobby, and science catalogs and stores.  Click here to find out where to purchase our kits or visit our Reinventing Science page to learn more and find additional free resources for educators or hobbyists. 
The Reinventing Science Logo
The Reinventing Science Logo stands for relevant and fun
integration of History and Invention with Science and Technology

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Reinventing Edison Build your own Light Bulb Science Kit
Reinventing Edison: Build your own Light Bulb Science Kit
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Reinventing Morse Build your own Telegraph Science Kit
Reinventing Morse: Build your own Telegraph Science Kit
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Tee Shirts and More by Harris Educational

Harris Educational creates and publishes a lot of free resources for educators, students, and science enthusiasts. We maintain a blog and also post daily stories to our Fan Page on Facebook.  To help support and fund all of these activities we have created a series of tee shirts, mouse pads, cups, and other branded items and made them available for your purchase via our store on the on-demand printing service Printfection.  

Our Tee Shirts and other items follow a Science and Education theme and some feature our Logo or our Reinventing Science kits. 
Please help support Harris Educational's educational outreach and free resources for educators by purchasing a tee shirt or other item from our printfection store today!
Harris Educational Branded Tee Shirts and More!
All of the designs below are available in a wide range of styles and colors.  Click on a design to go to its store page.
The Harris Educational Logo on a Tee Shirt Reinventing Edison Tee Shirt Reinventing Morse Tee Shirt
Humorous Edison Tee Shirt and BBQ Apron User Serviceable Parts an ode to the days of Vacuum Tubes in Retro Electronics More Designs
Coming Soon!