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Reinventing Morse: Build your own Telegraph
A Science Kit by Harris Educational * Click Here to Purchase This Kit
Reinventing Morse: Build your own Telegraph is a fun science kit designed to excite and engage experimenters of all ages as they recreate the experiments that lead to the development of the first successful electrical telegraph.

Build your own working telegraph with a device designed to work as a sounder, a buzzer, or a relay Learn Morse Code and Electromagnetism.

Available As:
    RS-TGI      (Individual Kit)
    RS-TGC    (Classroom Set of 8)
    (Refurbished with hookup or magnet wire)


    Science Educators, Parents, and Students
    Science Fair and Hobby Experimenters
     (Ages 12 and up, under adult supervision)
Reinventing Morse: Build your own Telegraph
Assembled Kit (24 page instruction manual not shown)
Concepts Taught by this Science Kit

    Electricity and Circuits (uses and effects)
    Magnetism / Electromagnetism
    How a sounder, buzzer, and relay work.
    Encoding messages and computer principles.
    Forces and Motion (strength of an electromagnet)
    The scientific method
    History of the Telegraph and Morse.
    Invention and the Inventive Process

Included in this kit:

    Telegraph (with built in coil winding arbor)   
    telegraph key, 2 coil bobbins, 100 feet of hookup
    wire, test leads, 24 page instruction manual.
List of Experiments Included in the Manual:

    Your First Telegraph
    Encoding Messages
    Making a Buzzer
    Making a Relay (and connecting multiple sets)
    History of the Telegraph

Experiments are designed to align to the “National Science Educational Standards” and “Standards for Technological Literacy.” The kits are a great way to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts while integrating history and an appreciation of invention.

This kit is supported by free resources published at this website and throughout our web of social media. Click Here for additional free resources for this kit (including a Product Sheet, FAQ, Bibliography, Tips for Use, Action Photographs and more!)

Assembled Telegraph
Assembled Telegraph with Hookup-Wire Coil Electromagnet
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