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Professional Services by Harris Educational
In addition to our Reinventing Science kits and Educational Outreach Harris Educational can also provide professional services for you, your school, or your business.  We are experts at instructional design, educational development, and training. We have all the skills and tools required to bring your project from idea to reality.  We can also assist with educational or small product design and short run manufacturing.

We are headquartered in Burlington, North Carolina with easy access to the Triad and Triangle.  We service Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Greensboro, Burlington, Graham, and all cities in this area.  We can also be available to travel to your location and/or can provide services remotely via the Internet (including remote classes via video chat and screen-casting)

Here is a list of some of the professional services we can provide:
Let Harris Educational help YOU build better education!
Let Harris Educational help you Build Better Education Today!

Educators: Click Here for our Educational Outreach and Workshops

Training Services
Harris Educational can provide face-to-face or online training for individuals, small groups, or companies.  We can also help you design and implement your own training programs. 

We are experienced trainers and training developers and can rapidly learn new information, systems, tools, or skills in order to provide fast turn-around. We work hard to anticipate the questions you will have and build them into our training by design.

We offer training for each of the topics on the right.  Contact us to ask about setting up training for yourself or your business.

About Open Source

Save money (both up front and total cost of ownership) by using free/open source software.  Developed by cooperative groups of individuals and supported by corporations world wide who enjoy freedom of choice and control over their software.  At Harris Educational we proudly use Open Source software and can provide you experienced training and advice.
 Proprietary Software Training

Microsoft Windows (home use / business use / basic administration)
Microsoft Office

    Power Point
Microsoft Visio
    Introduction to Visio: shapes, drawing techniques, and basic use.
    Intermediate Visio: creating custom shapes, properties, layers, more advanced use.
    Advanced Visio: creating templates, complex drawings, advanced use.
Digital Animation
    Introduction to FLASH (featuring SWiSHmax): drawing, objects, timeline
    Intermediate FLASH (featuring SWiSHmax): basic scripting, effects, intermediate tasks
    Advanced FLASH (featuring SWiSHmax): more complex scripting, movie clips, advanced tasks.

Open Source Software Training

Introduction to Free Open Source Software
    Includes an overview of Open Office, The Gimp, Inkscape, Linux, and other tools
Introduction to Linux (featuring Ubuntu Linux)
    Installation, Setup, Basic Use, Installing Software, Analogies for common tasks.
Open Office
The Gimp (for Image Editing, Digital Photography, and Graphic Composition)
Basic Web Design (featuring KompoZer)

    Introduction to web hosting, html, basic css, and related skills

Other Computer Training Courses are available upon request OR we can develop custom training to suit your exact needs.

Educational Development
Have a product or product idea that needs an instruction manual?  Want to do more and add a DVD-ROM or web based training? Want to do video instructions? Need to inform your salesmen or customers about your new products? Want to illustrate your project for the world to see? Want to reach and educate more people through social media?  

Think Harris Educational!

Here at Harris Educational we are experienced instructional designers and educational developers and can produce quality results for your educational dollar.

We have experience creating and delivering educational materials, train-the-trainer materials, educational manuals, product manuals, e-Learning and multimedia, web-based-training, and video training.  

We use sound educational principles and methods and are familiar with industry-standard software such as Adobe Captivate, Trivantis Lectora, and  SWiSHmax/Flash/Action Script.  

We can produce materials for you on a contract basis or we are prepared to partner with you to bring your ideas to life.  Contact us with your project ideas.
Educational Development and Instructional Design Services

e-Learning Development
     Web Based Training development
     CD/DVD-ROM based training development (including video and audio)
     Animations and Interface design
     Educational Illustrations
     Video and Audio production

Instructional Design
     Printed Instructional Manuals and Books
     Face-to-Face classroom materials
     Train-the-Trainer materials
     Job Aids and Reference Materials
     Sales/Marketing Training Materials

Video Development
     Camera Work / Recording
     On Screen Talent
     Editing and Publication

Audio Development
     Narration and Recording
     Editing and Publication
     Insertion into Animations or Video

Social Media Development
     Help with your fan page, blog, twitter, etc
     Promotion via Harris Educational's social media
     Linking your social media together for maximum impact
     Video development for YoutTube and other sites

Website Development
     Publishing educational content for web delivery
     Site Design
     Animation and Flash design
     Connections to your Social Media

Marketing Solutions for Educational Products or Services

If you manufacture an educational product or provide an educational service then Harris Educational can help you market that product or service.  We manufacture a best selling series of science kits that cross school, home, and hobby markets.  As a result we have an intimate knowledge of those markets and a lot of useful connections.  We can help you place your products into the right catalogs and help you with exposure through our web of social media.  We can partner with you to brand your products under the Harris Educational name or we can simply provide contract services to help you launch your product the right way.  

In the past we have helped educational suppliers with website design, educational instructional design, product representation, marketing assistance, and other services to help them sell their products to educators and hobbyists.  We can help you with your ideas too!

Short Run Educational Product Manufacturing
If you have an idea for an educational product or kit then Harris Educational can help you manufacture that kit.  As you can see from the information on this page we can assist with all aspects of the design, instructional design, and marketing of your idea.  We can also physically manufacture your product.  

We understand that for the educational market products require short production runs 1000's, 100's sometimes even 10's of units at a time.  At these quantities many manufacturing companies simply can not aford to produce your ideas for a price that keeps the end users prices reasonable.  Using our experience and the same tools, equipment, and techniques that we use to manufacture our own best selling Reinventing Science kits we can help you make your products with quality and affordability in mind.  

As with all of our services we can work with you on a simple contract basis OR we can partner with you to license your ideas and designs and produce your products under the Harris Educational or even the Reinventing Science brands.  

Soon we will be expanding our capabilities with the purchase of a CNC router that will allow us to create custom and complex pieces in small or large quantities.  Let us know your ideas.
Reinventing Morse Kits staged waiting for packaging
Reinventing Morse: Build your own Telegraph Science Kits
being staged at Harris Educational before final packaging.